Opening 17th August 6pm

Louise Tuckwell. Colour/Field 2

Colour/Field Group Exhibition


Louise Gresswell. Steffen Schiemann. Terri Brooks

Larissa Blake Colour/Field

Recent drawings by Sydney Artist Anthony Cahill and Sky Studies by Bernadette Trela

14th December 2018

Anthony Cahill and Bernadette Trela

Exhibition. Marlene Sarroff and Beverly Rautenberg

Marlene Sarroff and Beverly Rautenberg

Diane Scott and Beverly Rautenberg. Earth/Bound

Earth/Bound Group Exhibition Gladstone. Photopia Studios

Cross Gallery at Sacred Earth . SKY STUDIES . Bernadette Trela

Sky Studies. Bernadette Trela

Image Brad Marsellos Brad ABC Wide Bay

Clinton Cross. Image Brad Marsellos . ABC Wide Bay.

Current Exhibition. Nocturnes. Billy Shannon . September 2018

upcoming Exhibition.

Katy Steele 31st July. Live at my place tour 2018

Katy Steele

White Sheet Project


White Sheet Project

Louise Gresswell

White Sheet Project July - August 2018

Mary Poppins festival Exhibition . Gatakers Artspace Maryborough Qld. July - August 2018

Artists Marlene Sarroff. Steffen Schiemann. Murray Walker. Clinton Cross. Larissa Blake. Louise Tuckwell and Christine Myerscough

Image. 1. Clinton Cross and Rhonda Baum 2. Graham Blondel 3. Kim Demuth 4. Selwyn Rodda and Henri V

Mary Poppins Exhibition. Gatakers Artspace Maryborough Qld. July 2018

Aways remembered but never forgotten. Clinton Cross Assemblage. 2017

Clinton Cross with works by Lorna Crane

Cross Gallery is an Artist Run Space in Bundaberg QLD Australia by local Artist Clinton Cross who has been operating since October 2016 concentrating with Artists who work outside of boundaries of traditions to create an extended platform for Artists and Art lovers to experiment and explore further variations in Art today. 

Image by Brad Marsellos.

Clinton Cross with works by Left. Deb Covell and Terri Brooks in London

Marlene Sarroff. Terri Brooks. Louise Tuckwell. June - july 2018

Michael Cusack. Steffen Schiemann. Terri Brooks. Christine Myerscough

Terri Brooks

Jennifer Mcduff. Coralie Busby. Lorna Crane. Larissa Blake. Christine Myerscough

Gestures of Identity

Gestures of Identity

Coralie Busby. Jennifer Mcduff. Larissa Blake and Jennifer McDuff

Opening of Sabrina Lauriston and ICON. image Brad Marsellos

Clinton Cross @ EGO by Sabrina Lauriston. Gatakers Artspace Maryborough Qld

Sabrina Lauriston and ICON

Sabrina Lauriston . ICON and 44th Birthday

Clinton Cross with Sabrina Lauriston

Clinton Cross. Graham Blondel. ICON


Graham Blondel. Meaghan Shelton. Jennifer Mcduff. Jenny Gilbertson. Paul Perry. Fleur MacDonald


After London Group Exhibition. Image Yvonne Boag

Lorna Crane. Yvonne Boag. Phill Hopkins. Clinton Cross. Henri Van Noordenburg. Marlene Sarroff. Terr

Louise Tuckwell. Christina Waterston. Eryn Mark Begley. Deb Covell . Kim Demuth. Terri Brooks. Marlene Sarroff. Yvonne Boag. Richard Elliott. Lorna Crane. Clinton Cross. Phill Hopkins

Clinton Cross with Uk Artists Phill Hopkins and Richard Elliott in Battersea

Clinton Cross and Rhonda Baum. photo. Richard Elliott ( UK)

Rhonda Baum. The Cremation i did see. 1 - 3

Richard Elliott ( UK)

Louise Tuckwell. Antonia Mrljak. Susan Carr. Jennifer Mcduff. Susan Hutton

Louise Tuckwell

Clinton Cross in London. Land/ Line / Sea Exhibition. Image Rhonda Baum

Cross Gallery @ ArtLacuna London

Go Ask Alice . Clinton Cross .Bird Wing Landscapes

Ann Grocott survey. Assembages

Clinton Cross and Ann Grocott 2017

Clinton Cross

Clinton Cross Assemblages

Clinton Cross was born in Bundaberg in 1974 and has been a practising Artist since 1990, and has over 42 Solo Exhibitions in cities across Australia. Through out his career Clinton has specialised in both Painting and Assemblage works. 

Clinton has been in over 120 group Exhibitions including Regarding Retro Curated by Blacktown Arts Center that toured nationally. Clinton's work has also been featured in Exhibitions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Sante fe (New Mexico) and in the last decade Represented by Gallery 482 Brisbane , A - Space on Cleveland Sydney and Currently his own Gallery Cross Gallery in Bundaberg Queensland.

Clinton has been and independent curator since 1996 mostly concentrating on works on paper, painting and assemblage.


International Museum of Assemblage and Collage ,New Mexico.( USA ). Menzies Center Kings College London.  Toowoomba Regional Gallery. Bundaberg Regional Gallery. Central Qld University. Wesley Hospital foundation. Mater Hospital. Sydney Royal Children's Hospital. Freedom Clothing Collection ( New York). Bundaberg base Hospital. Shalom Collage. Jamison's Boutique Appartments Brisbane. Friendly Society Hospital. Castle Hill Toyota . Many Private and Corporate collections in Australia and Overseas. 



Opening Exhibition ABC Wide Bay